West Side Gory


This weekend I attended Church Basement Ladies: A Mighty Fortress is Our Basement, in central Pennsylvania. A colleague of mine was in the show and it was truly a fun evening.

After the show I waited for the restroom as an elderly woman in a wheelchair, being helped into the handicapped stall by her daughter and an elderly friend, blocked the door. They started chatting about the show once the woman was securely seated on the toilet and the stall door was shut.

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Dear Readers,

It’s been awhile.

I’ve traveled. I’ve worked. I’ve played. I’ve photographed. I’ve cooked. I’ve relaxed. I’ve beached.

Some new ideas are in the works, but I’m taking my sweet time.

It’s all still percolating.

I have been thoroughly enjoying my summer, and I hope you are too!


What Can’t Be Measured


Caitie Whelan, the Noter-in-Chief of The Lightning Notes (Photo by Andrew Propp)

The one thing that has been cool about my Lina story is seeing how far it has reached. I found this today on The Lightning Notes, and I love the thoughts added to it. I am happy to see that this story has been inspiring to so many!

The Lightning Notes

For two years, April Lee Uzarski bought coffee from Lina’s cart on the East Side of Manhattan.

Lina sang “Happy Birthday” to Ms. Uzarksi in February. When Ms. Uzarski’s husband had an aneurism last year, Lina offered her coffee and support every day.

From her cart on East 52nd Street and Lexington Avenue, Lina knew more about Ms. Uzarski than some of Ms. Uzarksi’s closest friends.

You, Lina told Ms. Uzarski, are a good friend, wife, and person. Three things Ms. Uzarski often doubted about herself.

But in April, Ms. Uzarski was offered a new job. It would mean not seeing Lina every day. The decision weighed heavily on Ms. Uzarski.

She took the job. But before she left, she wrote a thank you note to Lina in The New York Times. Here is one line from it:

“The value of the kindness you have shown me the past…

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