363 Hot Chocolate

I had to squeeze myself into a packed train this morning and noticed there was an empty space near the end of the car. As I crawled my way through the other passengers, I saw it was because there was a homeless man sleeping there, and he had spilled hot chocolate from Dunkin’ Donuts all over the train floor.

No one would get near the guy, and everyone was avoiding the spill like it was the plague. I definitely understand people not wanting to slip and fall, or ruin their shoes, but when you see the lengths people will go through on a packed train to avoid spilled liquid you wonder what they are thinking. So I said, “Screw it!” I went over and stood right in the hot chocolate. This prompted a stunning transvestite from my neighborhood to ask the homeless man to move over a bit so she could sit down.

No one stood near us. I had plenty of room to myself on the crowded train, the transvestite was able to sit and apply her red lipstick, and it pleasantly smelled of hot chocolate the entire ride to Grand Central.


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