352 Prather Entertainment Group


I have worked for The Dutch Apple twice in my career, and worked for all three Prather Theaters during a three theater tour. The 6 months I spent on the tour was an experience I truly appreciate. It taught me something that my BFA training never did, theatrical stamina. I have only had two contracts in my professional career that provided this experience, and those 8 and 6 month runs were fantastic.

I feel like I didn’t understand my craft until I had to hurdle the obstacles that a long run throws at you. The difficulty of pulling myself out of bed for a Sunday matinée on the 22nd week of the run. The challenge of staying engaged onstage after 5 months of 8 show weeks. Not going on auto pilot during my monologue. Navigating the good and the bad of a small cast working, living, and playing together for a half a year. Pumping myself up while we were performing to offended patrons. I loved every minute of it but some days were definitely harder than others.

I have a lot of respect for actors in regional theater, on tours, and on Broadway, who have done the same show for ages and make it look fresh every time they step onstage. That shit is hard!

Thank you to the Prather organization for helping me grow as an artist. It is truly appreciated!


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