348 Dashed Dreams


For someone who grew up in the North East, snow days were an expected part of my life. Laying around the house and relaxing, when I would otherwise be at school or work. A day off that didn’t need a pay cut, or a vacation day. Sounds good right? My dreams of a snow day in NYC are always dashed.

If the subways are running, as they are today, you better get your ass to work. People who come in from Jersey are often let off the hook, but if you live in the 5 boroughs, fuggedaboutit! The chance that the subways aren’t running in a snow situation are always slim to none, and if they are running, the empty restaurant you work in expects you to report.

Two people I know stayed at home in Brooklyn, as they said it was too bad to get in… “The roads look terrible!” I call BS on that! I ride the same line you do!

Does it mean that I am not jealous of all the people at home today? Of course I am! I am green with envy! But to all of you who have ventured in, I salute you. We live in the NE, and it snows here. Don’t be shocked and surprised, just carry on.


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