343 Failing to Yield


I have probably crossed streets thousands of times here in the city, and I am constantly having issues with drivers failing to yield as I am crossing with the light in a cross walk. I am not talking about jaywalking, or walking into oncoming traffic, I am talking about crossing with the cross signal in the cross walk.

Yesterday I almost met my end when a driver came close to mowing me down with his 15 passenger van while I was crossing the street that I live on. He slammed on the breaks when he was within two feet of running me over. Take it from me; this is not a good way to start your day…

Seeing a car come at you at 25 mph is one of those moments that are truly terrifying. When a driver has finally decided to slam on the breaks, I normally reply by screaming expletives, and I have been known to pound on the front of people’s cars displaying my raging anger. They normally apologize, and drive away. My hope for them is that they pay more attention to what they are doing.

According to this article (Park Slope Police Nab Careless Drivers in Pedestrian Safety Sting), the police in Park Slope ran a sting to catch non-yielding drivers last week. They gave summonses to 16 people. I find this fitting, as last year in Park Slope I was almost run over 5 separate times between June and October. I would be out for my morning exercise, and right there on Union, someone would try to run me down.

When someone is crossing with the light in the cross walk, there is no excuse for not yielding. Period.


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