339 Quitting the Contract

I did a bit of blogging a while ago, and saved all of my posts when I deleted the site. I posted this after the economy was in the toilet in 2008, and things for Andy and I were uncertain.

Sign of the Times

Posted by April Lee on Friday, May 15, 2009

Starting this August, I was going to Pennsylvania for ten weeks for a gig. I was going to leave my 9-5 life here in NYC, and go back to balancing traveling and living in the city. Well, a few days ago, we were given an addendum to our contracts with a large pay cut, and because of it Andy and I have backed out.

I was nervous about leaving my steady job for this gig because I know a good deal of people who are out of work right now. I was getting everything in line at my current job so I could leave, and even started loosing sleep over what I was going to tell my boss. It was becoming hard for me to get up in the morning with the realization that I had a little over 2 months to go until freedom. Then everything changed in the form of an email. “We are sorry we can’t pay you want we wanted to, but the economy has hit us hard, so we are cutting your weekly salary.”

I have one rule, I don’t take a job outside of the city if I can’t pay my bills with it. The salary cut would make it impossible for me to pay my bills, and it’s not worth going into debt for these two roles.

A friend of mine who is in Boston pursuing her acting career has slowed her auditioning because the money for gigs has been so terrible. Instead, she has continued to work on her organizing business, and is waiting patiently for this economic downturn to turn around. This has inspired me to sit tight, and keep pounding the pavement. It is an interesting time, and as unpredictable as the acting business is, it is hard to see it get more and more unpredictable. I am in it for the long haul, and if it takes a few years to pick back up again, so be it.

Congrats to those theaters out there who are still hanging on, because you give us all hope!


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