334 A Bird In the Hand

When I worked on 44th Street, I spent my lunch breaks in Bryant Park. There were always a few homeless people in the park, but there was this one particular homeless guy that I saw everyday. He was a grizzly looking dude with a beard that only hipsters could envy. The man actually looked like Yukon Cornelius from the 1964 claymation hit Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

One day as I was sitting there eating my lunch, and Yukon Cornelius was a couple of tables away from me, drinking a cup of coffee. A pigeon with a huge piece of bread in its beak flew by, and Yukon Cornelius reached right out and snatched the bread out of the pigeons beak mid-flight. Then Yukon Cornelius proceeded to eat the bread like it was no big deal. Like this was his normal routine. That man had mad skills.


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