333 Are You Jewish?


Friday is the day of the Mitzvah Tank. If you are not familiar, click HERE for a definition.

On Friday afternoon the Mitzvah Tank pictured above, is always parked outside the building where I work, blasting it’s klezmer-style music. I am always chased down the street by a young gentleman and asked, “Are you Jewish?” I always politely respond, “No, I am not”.

By definition, they are reaching out to non-observant and alienated Jews. I have a complex about being stopped, as I am starting to think I look like an alienated Jew. I am not even sure what an alienated Jew looks like, but it’s not what I want to present to the rest of the world. If the gentlemen of the Mitzvah Tank think I look non-observant, I can live with that, but alienated? That just sounds depressing. Maybe one day it will be clear, but until then, maybe I should smile more.

Shabbat Shalom, to all of my Jewish friends! Happy Weekend to all!


2 thoughts on “333 Are You Jewish?

  1. Interesting! Hard to believe but the following is true…
    I live *in* Israel and yet once a week, the Mitzvah Tank comes rolling down the street, Klezmer blasting and parks nearby. I’m still not sure why they selected my neighborhood!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I know a lot of Israelis and they have told me similar stories. In fact, I walked by a Mitzvah Tank with my Israeli friend, and she had to stop and take a video for her friends back home. She couldn’t believe we had them here as well.

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