331 Lazy Sunday Confession – I Hate Heels

Women in this city, as well as many others places, love their high heels. I do not. I loathe them. Heels make me taller than most men, and they really hurt my feet. It’s hard to feel sexy when you feel like a giant, and your bunion is screaming for mercy. If I can’t wear a shoe all day, I won’t buy it. Cue the women in sensible shoes jokes, but I won’t wear anything but sensible shoes. The last time I wore heels out on the streets of NYC was 2005, 9 years ago.

A lot of women change their shoes when they get to work. I won’t do it. I know women who have had at any one time, 6 pairs of heels under their desks. All I can think of is, if they get canned, that’s a lot is shit to take home.

For the women who wear their heels to work, kudos to you. I don’t know how you ride the train and navigate around rush hour traffic. Better you than me sisters!


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