327 I Love Dive Bars


I love dive bars. There is something fun about ripped vinyl booths covered in duct tape on top of sticky floors. Drinks are cheap, it smells like stale beer, and you can hang out with ancient New Yorkers, who have seen it all. Dive bars feel like real NYC to me.

My husband and I met his college friend Tim Simons (of Veep fame) at the Subway Inn after we saw an off-Broadway show he was doing a while ago. It was a great time, and cheap. No one fretted about what we were wearing, how loud we cursed, or how much money we spent. It’s a great place to hide from tourists and escape New Yorkers trying to keep up with the Joneses.

I saw this yesterday, and was a bit saddened. I am sure some office building or more chain stores will take its place. The Subway Inn may move, but it won’t be the same without the neon, and dingy bathrooms. Such is life in NYC. Everything you love will be gone, or change drastically sooner or later!


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