326 Valentine’s Day – The State of Affairs


This story is about two married people whom I will refer to as X and Y. I know both X and Y, but Y better than X. Sounds like one of those hard math questions doesn’t it?

Anyway, I transferred trains this morning and ran into X who was getting personal with someone other than Y. I did a double take as I have only met X a few times, but it was definitely X. “Oh shit”, I thought, and I turned away from them so X didn’t recognize me. I don’t want to be a known witness to any sort of infidelity, especially between X and Y. Thankfully I got off at the next stop and X didn’t see me.

I have no idea where their marriage is, so I won’t judge, but it was an unexpected sight. I guess it goes to show you that in a city of 8 million people, you can’t hide. Or were they not hiding? I will never know!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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