318 Best Cupcake in NYC IMHO


I took the day off today, and my husband treated me to a birthday meal and dessert. We decided to go to the LES, to accommodate my yearning for a cupcake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine at 126 Rivington Street.

I have frequented this cupcake shop since 2005 when I moved here, and it amazes me that the prices have not risen since I first tasted these delicious cupcakes. It’s $1.50 for one of the most perfectly constructed cupcakes I have ever had.

I am a traditional kind of gal when it comes to cupcakes, and their yellow cake and buttercream frosting creation named Sunshine is my absolute favorite. The icing is perfect, and I mean PERFECT. It’s better than Magnolia, better than Crumbs, better than Buttercup Bake Shop, better than ANYTHING else you can get in the city. What makes it is best is the cake is the moistest cake of any cupcake I have had in this city, hands down. Most cupcakes taste great when you are devouring the icing, and then you get to the cake and it tastes stale. Sugar Sweet Sunshine makes a cupcake that is enjoyable from start to finish. I often find myself practically eating the paper clean because it’s that good.

The Sunshine (pictured) is my favorite, but coming in second place is Pistachio, which is yellow cake and Pistachio frosting. Holy cow! Third place is the Lemon Yummy, which is lemon cake with lemon buttercream frosting. I have heard the puddings are fantastic, but I always eat too many cupcakes to even entertain the thought of pudding. The bakery itself is funky and inviting, and the staff is always friendly and helpful, which is something I can’t say for some of the more popular joints. Ahem, Magnolia Bakery…

I have had to remove gluten from my diet, which has been a real bummer, but it was heaven to cheat today with a Sunshine. It’s worth the pain and bloating to eat the most perfectly crafted cupcake that ever was. Thank you Peg and Deb!



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