313 Bottomless Brunch Illegal?

News circulated yesterday that NYC bottomless brunches have been and always will be illegal. Well how ’bout that? I haven’t been to a bottomless brunch in years, but I spent many a boozy Sunday afternoon wasting my life away in my 20’s.

It was fun to meet my friends on a Sunday to eat breakfast and drink as many greyhounds as possible. It only cost $25, but I wanted my money’s worth! We would frequent places like Film Center Café (now closed), Bondi Road (now closed), and The Sunburnt Cow. The main issues were getting home without having to use the bathroom a million times, and having a severe hangover that started at about 6pm. I decided these were not the high notes I wanted to end my weekend on, so I gradually stopped going.

To all of you who still frequent the bottomless brunch: I hope this news doesn’t crush your weekends. When I was in my 20’s this news would have devastated me, and I would have wanted to start a revolution. These days I just get drunk at home and order seamless. Problem solved!

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