310 MTA Valley Girls

photo (3)

I was on my way home last night from an evening of enjoying adult beverages with a friend, and three young women (around 22 or so) got on the train. They sat about 15 feet away from me, and started talking. My headphones were on, and over my music there was a lot of shrieking, cackling, and OMG’ing. I would say they sounded like Valley Girls turned up to 11.

I happened to look up because they were so loud, and everyone on the train was staring at them. The elderly man across from me caught my glance and he rolled his eyes. We both laughed. Then I looked to my left, and the gay couple who was sitting next to the women, caught my glance. They also rolled their eyes, and laughed. It seemed as though everyone wanted to hush these women, but didn’t want to ruin their night. After all, we were all young and rowdy at one point in our lives, right?

After 10 minutes, the women exited the train and there was a collective sigh. We were back to the usual hushed conversation, eye contact avoidance, and the screeching of the flanges on rails.


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