308 New Yorkers are Animal

I cannot get enough of this full length Lipton Tea ad starring the Muppets. A condensed version was on TV last night as the Oscars aired, but the full length version is awesome. Casting the New Yorkers (and tourists) that Kermit and Piggy interact with in the commercial as Animal, made my weekend.

With this fresh in my mind, this morning I watched the crowds on the subway and imagined them all as Animal from the Muppets. At one point I was waiting for a train, and when it arrived two women pushed me out-of-the-way to get on the train, and then pushed each other when they got on the train. I laughed as I imagined these women with crazy red fur, and really thick black eyebrows pushing me, then each other, while yelling in monosyllabic grunts.

I think am going to continue imagining everyone I see in NYC as Animal from the Muppets. This morning it softened the constant annoyance of people pushing, shoving, and acting crazy. Then if I can accomplish this, maybe I can Be More Tea, just like the ad suggests.


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