306 Mink


I worked for a woman; let’s call her Sharon, for two and a half years as an assistant. She took me on without any experience and to this day I am thankful for the opportunities I’ve been provided with since she hired me.

Sharon wore a fur coat to work in the winter. It was one of those mid-calf length coats that must have cost her thousands of dollars in 1989. I think it was mink, and it happened to match her hair color.

One day Sharon called me into the office and said she had something very important to show me “in case of an emergency”. She then proceeded to shut the door. I thought this is it! She is showing me where they stash the gold, or all the company’s financial secrets! I had finally arrived.

As I sat there with bated breath, Sharon said, “If there is ever an emergency, and my fur is in the office, you need to know how to unlock it.” Wait, what? No gold, just a 25-year-old fur? She then showed me the back of the door where I could see the coat chained and padlocked to a metal bar screwed to the door.

Sharon then led me across her paper strewn office to a set of drawers. She said, “Now let me show you where the spare key is, and please keep it a secret.” She then opened the middle drawer of her cabinet. There wasn’t anything inside the drawer except for a key taped down to the bottom of the drawer with about 20 pieces of scotch tape. What a fantastic hiding place. If a thief had broken in to steal the coat, they would have found the key in 2 seconds flat.

In my 2.5 years there, we never encountered an emergency, and her fur was never stolen. However, I am positive that the key is still in it’s old hiding place taped down with 20 pieces of scotch tape.


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