296 Kitty Alarm

When we adopted our cat Walter Sobchak two and a half months ago, one thing that I didn’t really consider was him waking us up. I thought, “Cats don’t do that, right?” My whole family can chime in on waking me up, as it’s not a nice thing. But, the cat being a cat, has decided that it’s in his best interest to wake me up everyday at 5:45 A.M.

Walter originally would just run around the apartment meowing over and over. One of his favorites was to come to my side of the bed, and stare at me as he yelled single meows loudly in my direction. We decided to treat him like a baby, and let him cry it out. It worked for a while, but now he physically tries to wake me up, and leaves my husband alone. Lucky me!

He starts by circling me on the bed and stopping to stand on my head. If that doesn’t work, he sits next to me and nudges my butt over and over with his paw as if to say, “Wake up!!”. Over the past few days he has taken to standing on me and jumping from limb to limb. At this point Andy normally takes him out in the living room, because he doesn’t want fed, he just wants to play. PLAY! At 5:45 A.M? No thank you!

This cat has been the greatest addition to our family of two, so even though I complain, I find his behavior endearing. Just seeing his fuzzy face everyday makes me smile. That alone is worth enduring the 5:45 A.M. wake up call.


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