294 Irish Hennessey


I am very Eastern European without a drop of Irish blood in me, so marching in the parade in Pittsburgh with the Girl Scouts was always the closest I came to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. I have carried my lack St. Patrick’s Day participation into my adulthood as never have I participated in the parade or any bar crawls.

Despite my lack of participation, I do have one very distinct NYC St. Patrick’s Day memory. It was 2007 and I was on a two-hour break between the lunch and dinner shifts. I was hanging out in a McDonald’s watching the hordes of wasted people file in for burgers, and leaving with Shamrock Shakes. Then, like a phoenix rising out of the drunken ashes, a woman appeared with the most unforgettable tattoo I have ever seen. She was wearing a Kiss Me I’m Irish tank top, and her upper arm had a tattoo that simply stated Hennessey. What a bold choice, I thought.

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day, and if you find yourself in a tattoo parlor, you may want to avoid the words Bushmills or Jameson.


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