290 Elderly Brooklyn Women are No Joke

I was on my way home from work last Friday, and when I got into the train at Grand Central, there was a man and a woman sleeping on the subway seats. Unfortunately for all the passengers, they were taking up the entire bench that fit 7. Two elderly women from Brooklyn got on, and one of them went off.

“Oh hell no!”, she screamed as she continuously kicked underneath the bench to wake them. “There are tons of people on this train, WAKE UP ASSHOLES!”, she screamed. Then she bent over and got in their faces, “WAAAAAKKKKKEEEEEE UUUUPPPPPP!!!!!!”

The sleeping couple, totally freaked out, got up and moved to the end of the bench. Everyone was laughing hysterically as the newly opened seats became quickly occupied.

You know it’s hard out there when an old Brooklyn lady kicks your butt and hands it to you. They ain’t no joke!


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