289 Yinzers in NYC


I left for Pittsburgh yesterday via Amtrak, and it’s always awesome when I around a bunch of Yinzers in NYC.

Yinzers visiting NYC are normally in a group where at least 75% of them have something related to the Steelers or black and gold adorning their bodies. Then, 3% are wearing something related to the Penguins or the Pirates (now they are actually something to write home about). However, if they aren’t sporting the sports stuff, you can recognize them as soon as their conversations drift by you. “Yinz guys want to go see the Statue of Liberty? Is that Dahntahn?” “This restaurant is nice, but naht as nice as the Willhouse Restaurant dahn at the Rivers Casino!” “Stillers, Stillers, Stillers”

The best part about seeing Pixburghers in NYC is sometimes I approach them and say, “Hey you guys from Pittsburgh?”, and they are always so proud when then answer back “Yes! We are”. What makes it even better is that I am always proud to answer back, “So am I!”


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