284 GF & DF Life

A year ago I was looking at the label on a bag of peanuts, and it said “Gluten Free”. I said, “No shit! How stupid is that?” Now that I have entered the ranks of people with food issues, I feel like I spend every day looking for that damn little GF symbol in the grocery store.

In November I had to go gluten and dairy free. Do I feel better? Absolutely! Does it suck? ABSOLUTELY! I can’t walk by a pizza place without melting down. In fact just the thought of pizza has recently caused an at home meltdown involving behaviors such as crying and stomping my feet. I didn’t know I was capable of such strong childlike emotions when it came to pizza.

I can go on without the gluten, but I really need to seek help for my separation anxiety with cheese. Cheese is amazing, and has not been replicated successfully in a non-dairy form.

Starting today, I am officially starting a quest to find the holy grail of non-dairy (soy free) cheese. If you have found it (and don’t give me that Daiya crap), please let me know. Reward: Money, in the thousands range.


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