280 Restaurant Roaches


For six months I worked in an upscale restaurant as an expediter. The restaurant would hire a piano player to play the grand piano in the evenings, and there was millions of dollars’ worth of art hanging on the walls. One night I even saw one of the Today show personalities polish off one too many glasses of wine, so I guess you could say the place met a certain standard.

My job as an expediter was to make sure that the food went out correctly plated and clean. When we got backed up, I would jump behind the line and aid in making salads.

I generally worked with the same salad guy every shift, and he was always knocking stuff off the line with his towel. One evening as I was building a salad, I saw two roaches jump out of the lettuce container and scamper across the line. He proceeded to hit them with his towel.

“Are there always roaches on the line?”, I asked. He replied, “We get them a lot.”

From that point on I was always on the lookout for roaches playing in the salad ingredients, and would find them more than I would like to admit. Who knew a $25 salad could come equipped with its own slice of NYC authenticity?


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