278 The Roaches Next Door


Our apartment in Inwood was completely roach-less, and that was thrilling!

In effort to complete our kitchen setup, we noticed that our neighbors were throwing out an Ikea kitchen cart that would fit in our kitchen perfectly, so we snagged it. I cleaned it up the best I could and we put it to great use.

After a day or two of the cart being in the kitchen, we started seeing roaches. We got some traps, and killed the ones we saw, but felt discouraged that our roach free lives had come to an end.

One afternoon I went to push the cart to clean beneath it, and roaches started coming out of the open casters attached to the legs. I alerted Andy, and he pulled one of the casters off and upon further investigation, the open crevice on the caster was filled with roaches. He started banging the caster against the side of the sink, and tons of roaches started falling out. I jumped in and turned on the faucet and started flushing them down the drain, screaming like a little girl.

After the caster was empty, Andy proceeded to take the other three casters off and threw them in a bag to contain the roaches. He then took the casters one by one and emptied them in the sink. Roaches were flying everywhere. I have never seen so many roaches in a 5 minute time period, and to think they were living in the casters of this cart all along!

Andy took the empty casters and sealed them in a bag then threw them away behind the building. We kept the caster-less cart until we moved out, and thankfully never saw a roach in that apartment again. It was the last time we ever repurposed our neighbor’s trash.


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