268 Michelle Charlesworth and Amy Freeze

We watch Eyewitness News 7 on Saturday mornings, and Andy and I are thoroughly entranced by Michelle Charlesworth and Amy Freeze. Andy and I chuckle at Michelle because she seems a bit over sexed for the morning news, and we like to comment on Amy’s fashion. They come off as a bit second string, but the mistakes made in the broadcast are why we love watching.

One thing about Michelle and Amy, is that they are not tiny women. They are what you may call sturdy or curvy, and I mean that in a good way. However, if you Google both Michelle and Amy you can find videos on YouTube entitled  Thick Sizzling Legs and Hot Body & Pantyhose Leg, among other things. We had no idea they had a fetish following.

Now all I can think about on Saturday morning are the people watching the news for reasons other than getting the news.



2 thoughts on “268 Michelle Charlesworth and Amy Freeze

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