266 Fear on the Train

photo (3)

I don’t scare easily, but on Friday morning there was a woman on the train who was suffering from a severe mental illness.  I first noticed that she was punching herself in the face, and then she got up and charged at me from across the way. She stopped right before she got to me, and stared me down for a few minutes. My ignoring her led her back to her seat where she proceeded to punch the train wall at full force, an inch away from a woman’s head who was sitting next to her.

I was afraid that the passenger would have her face punched in and that we were going to have to tackle the woman to the ground. Thankfully we all exited at Grand Central, but the woman having the episode stayed on and had to deal with a whole new slew of passengers.

When it looks like it’s going to get violent on the train, I become fearful. Always have, and always will.


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