265 But I Have A Baby

A few weeks ago I needed assistance with something. The person assigned to assist knew me, but truly, we may as well be strangers.

I was at the tail end of a cold, and when she came to help she heard my slight congestion and said, “Do you have a cold?” To which I responded, “Yes, but it’s almost gone.” She then replied, “Well, I have a baby”. To which I had no reply.

The woman then proceeded to leave and find latex gloves to wear while she assisted me, and asked me to stand across the room from her. The whole while telling me how nervous she was around me. Then she told everyone I should have never left my house because I had the flu.

I am not sure how moderate to severe germaphobes survive in a place like NYC. It seems like it would be against their better judgment to live in a filth pit crawling with billions of germs.


One thought on “265 But I Have A Baby

  1. Whoa. I mean, you can avoid some things to a degree, but you have to accept that you are going to be exposed to germs and sickness. And I have three kids. My youngest routinely tries to eat the handle on the grocery shopping cart. We manage to only get sick occasionally. People get too worked up.

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