255 Missed Connection

When I first moved here (before I met my husband), dating was not on my agenda. I focused my life on finding work and keeping my head above water, so “No time for love, Dr. Jones!”

One day I was on the Manhattan bound N Train from Astoria and I saw a guy who had tried to get my attention. He was attractive and looked like a decent enough guy, so I looked over at him and he slowly looked away. Then he looked at me and I would slowly look away. This went on over and over again until I exited the train at 42nd Street. Neither of us said anything, and then I was gone.

After a few hours of thought on the matter, I went home and posted a missed connection on craigslist, and checked the posts everyday to see if he done the same. After about a week, I gave up.

Looking back, it makes me laugh that I put that much faith in finding this guy on craigslist. I would have had better luck looking for him on the subway.


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