252 A Letter from Your Favorite TV Show


Hey Friend,

It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. I’ve been patiently waiting to hang out, but things keep coming up on your end, like school, work, or cancelling your HBO.

We used to have a weekly date, same time same place, and now it’s when you have time to see me. I still show up every week, and I’m saddened by your casual absence.

I saw on social media that you have asked your other friends to not talk about me because you haven’t caught up with me in a while. Your friends, they take time for me, so they can say what they want.  James Poniewozik once wrote, “Any story that can be ruined by giving away the ending wasn’t worth your time in the first place.” So ask yourself, am I worth your time?

It’s time for you to make me a priority again. Make our weekly dates happen in real-time, not a few days or a few years late. Your presence means so much to me, and I can only hope I mean that much to you.


That Popular TV Show That Everyone Spoils on Social Media

p.s. Have you considered a Spoiler Shield?


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