250 Violence in Midtown


Yesterday I heard yelling on 53rd street and saw 4 cops looking eastward towards Lexington Ave. As I got closer I saw the yelling was coming from a well dressed man carrying a Venti sized Starbucks coffee. He was walking towards the police mouthing off at them. Something about his job this, and something about life that.

As the man got closer to the cops, the cop in front took his hand and hit the man’s coffee to the ground and splashed hot coffee all over the man. Then a second later, the two cops flanking the first cop had the man on the ground. They slammed his face against the sidewalk, and one of them had his knee in the man’s back. The fourth cop drew his night stick and starting beating the man as he pleaded, “please don’t break my legs, please don’t break my back.”

The man was screaming in pain as they cuffed him and stood him up pushing him against the Citicorp Building.

To this day, it’s the most violent thing I have witnessed in NYC.


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