245 FirstWatch in NYC?


NYC has a ton of great restaurants, but every once in a while, it’s nice to eat at a place that’s familiar. I love FirstWatch, and have enjoyed their breakfast in OH, FL, and PA. I generally don’t frequent chain restaurants, but I make an exception for this place.

Last year, I started to see people walking around in midtown with iced coffee in FirstWatch cups. I was over the moon. First Steak and Shake, and now FirstWatch?!?! I immediately jumped online and looked for the location, and there wasn’t one. How could this be?

The next few days, the same thing! There were First Watch cups everywhere. Maybe FirstWatch had a food truck, or a pop-up storefront. It was killing me.

Then, I walked past a popular roach coach selling iced coffee, and there in the window were stacks and stacks of cups with the FirstWatch logo on them. Talk about false advertising.


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