238 Jury Duty Week – Je ne parle pas anglais


In order to be a juror in New York State you must be able to understand and communicate in the English language.

When I was at my first day of Jury Duty in 2012, I was in room full of people waiting for something to happen. A man walked up to the podium in the front of the room and said in a rather casual matter without any hand gestures, “If you do not understand English, please stand up and walk through the door on my right. Please go down the hall to the fourth door on your left and give them your information so they can release you from Jury Duty.”

Almost half of the room stood up, and all filed out of the room by walking through the door on his right. They then walked down the hall and turned into the 4th room on the left.

After all the non-English speakers left, the man got back on the mic and said, “For a bunch of non-English speakers, they sure know how to follow instructions in English quite well.”

Everyone in the room laughed, including me. But none of those non-English speaking people had to return, so I guess the joke was on us.


2 thoughts on “238 Jury Duty Week – Je ne parle pas anglais

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