230 – The Amazing Spider-Man and the Poison Pool


My mother and I met the Amazing Spider-Man last week in Florida while he was taking a break from fighting crime in NYC. The Amazing Spider-Man is a young kid who wears water wings with his own picture on them, and he likes to play games with strangers in the pool.

The Amazing Spider-Man asked us to play a game of catch with him, and my mother and I obliged. As we were throwing the beach ball back and forth, the Amazing Spider-Man warned us we were in a poisonous pool:

Spider-Man: This pool is poison.

Mom: What?

Spider-Man: The pool is poison!

Mom: Why is it poison?

Spider-Man: Because I peed in it.

Mom and I: (Uncontrollable laughter).

Mom: You could have told us that before we got in.

Spider-Man: (Silence).

We left the pool shortly after to wash the poison off our bodies.




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