229 Back To School, Back To School

I went back to school last night and I will be earning a paralegal certificate at Long Island University in 7 months.

Last night I wasn’t nervous about meeting my classmates or starting my studies, I worried about technology. I am tech savvy, but I immediately clammed up realizing that other than a scientific calculator, email, and outdated desktops, I have never used portable technology to complete my studies.

11 years ago next month I graduated from college.  I had a crappy mobile phone that wouldn’t charge on its cradle charger unless I physically held them together, and a gigantic desktop that constantly crashed. Professors weren’t updating me on Facebook or Twitter. I waited for the mail to arrive to view my final grades.

But now that it’s 2014, can I whip out a notebook and take notes, or will I be laughed at and called a dinosaur? Should I take a laptop, or do I need to buy an iPad? Do I take Andy’s advice and buy a Trapper Keeper?

Other than feeling a bit old it’s not a big deal, and I am looking forward to it. I will figure it out. In the meantime I think I will buy a Trapper Keeper. And maybe some Lisa Frank folders.









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