227 Is LA > NYC?


Is LA a better place for actors to start a career than NYC?

I have been mentally tracking rants and status updates on Facebook and Twitter from people in both cities, and it seems that LA actors are having a better time than their counterparts in NYC. Let me add that some of these comparisons are of actors on TV shows vs. actors I know who are starring in Broadway shows.

Actors in NYC have a lot of gripes and complaints. There are positive posts and tweets intermixed, but the struggle of the city and the business seem to pop up more frequently in my social media. It’s the opposite for people in LA, as I seldom see their complaints and everyone seems to doing well. Do people from LA just hide their issues better, or are they more fulfilled than New Yorker Actors? Or is it just the difference in the weather?

This is obviously not scientific research, but I would love to hear your comments on the matter. If you wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment business and were open to working in theater, film, and TV (or you already have), what city would win?




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