222 Enough About Me! What About You? – Amanda Pulcini

This is the first of my interview series that I will be conducting once a month to grill New Yorkers (past and present) about their lives in the greatest city on earth (that’s still up for debate). Many thanks to Amanda Pulcini for being my first interviewee! Amanda and I met at Allenberry Playhouse, where we worked a summer season together.

When did you move to NYC?

Technically I began subletting in 2010 but I made the official “Move Out of my Parents Basement” in 2012.

What brought you to that decision?

New York is a mecca for some of the best theatre in the country. I wanted to see the best, study with best, and audition for the best.

What is one piece of advice you have for anyone thinking about moving here?

Start running and build yourself a suit of armor. You need stamina and a thick skin to play the audition game. But it’s the chinks in our armor from the blows we receive that make us unique.

Do you feel like a New Yorker? And if so, how long did it take to feel that way?

Forget about it! Of course I feel like a New Yorker. I’ve always had an absurdly fast walk so that was an easy adaptation. Learning the subway system was another hurdle accomplished in 3 months or less. But I think it was just this past year when I started to fall into a rhythm of auditioning, taking classes, survival jobs, and spending time with friends that life made a little more sense.

You are a successful actor, do you have a survival job?

I have been blessed 10 times over with great families that I nanny for part time. I have always loved baking and thankfully, people like my baking so I started up my own business called Backstage Bakery. I have also been very fortunate to have friends that like being taste testers. So for those of you who have tried my strangest creations, thank you for your sacrifice.

What is your favorite thing about living in the city?

The FOOD!! I love that there is so much variety and 75% of it is really stinkin’ good. I also love that food REALLY brings people together. If you live in the city you know that it seems impossible to get friends together that live in a 3 mile radius. But great food has the ability to bring Astorians to Brooklyn. It’s magical.

What is your least favorite thing about living in the city?

The lack of space. You are asking me this at the most inopportune moment because I just got back from my Honeymoon in Florida, and the idea of a backyard and multiple rooms is quite appealing.

How long do you see yourself here?

Until I’m lead to the next great adventure. I think its important for actors to have goals but I also think its important for people to be flexible in how those goals are accomplished. For example, if your goal is to perform on Broadway, some people move to New York and make it on Broadway within 6 months. Others stay in the city for 20 years before they set foot on a NY stage. And some people work all over the country, workshop a new show or have a successful film career before Broadway comes knocking at their door. There are so many paths to accomplishing your goals. Be a pioneer and know that every opportunity leads to another one.

What’s your next theatrical endeavor?

I am actually starting rehearsals for Singin’ in the RainLegally Blondeand Cats at Pittsburgh CLO. This is a HUGE accomplishment because it is a theatre I grew up attending and I am so excited to walk out on that stage for the first time.

What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you since you moved to NYC?

I mean, everyday New York life is crazy in and of itself. I think my curly hair looks like an outhouse because NYC birds always finds a way to drop a present on my head right before I walk into an audition. This has happened to me multiple times… always outside of Telsey.


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