216 Jaded Since 2007



Apparently it only took me  2 years and 10 months to become a jaded New Yorker. I wrote the following blog on 01/25/2008:

So I am officially jaded.  I was on my lunch break two months ago walking through Times Square, and I passed what looked like a mini circus tent with some people inside who looked like celebrity impersonators. One of the guys stopped me and tried to give me a free Spamalot T-Shirt. I replied, “No thank you!” Then a guy who looked freakishly like Stephen Baldwin tried to sell me Spamalot tickets, and I said, “Look! I have already seen the show, NO THANK YOU!”  Crowded at the end of the tent was a guy who looked like a mobster wearing a Sopranos hat, and some freaky Cowboy. As per usual, Freaks on parade in Times Square.

Last night I was flipping through the channels and I  settled on The Celebrity Apprentice. And there it was: that mini circus tent with the crazy impersonators. Then I realized they were not impersonators, they were the real thing. Lenox Lewis tried to give me the Spamalot shirt, and I was mean to him. Stephen Baldwin tried to sell me Spamalot tickets, and I was downright nasty him. Vinnie Pastore and Trace Adkins were the two other two people that I had labeled as freaks.

I couldn’t stop laughing at my dismissal of the whole thing as it was happening in real-time. I am just happy I wasn’t on TV, I am sure I had my New Yorker KILL KILL KILL face on.

New Yorker’s really don’t give a damn who you are, especially if you are in the way of us accomplishing something we need to get done. Like walking.




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