213 Dog Doing its Business in the Elevator


Last night I was leaving my voice lesson which was on the UWS in a residential building, and I got in the elevator with the tiniest dog I have ever seen. It’s name was Sophie and it was one of those toy terriers. Ridiculously cute.

I reached down to pet Sophie when the doors opened on the 9th floor and a large golden retriever and a flat coated retriever got on with their owner. As we were all crammed into the elevator I said, “Wow this is cuteness overload!” Everyone laughed.

Then the woman with the small terrier yelled, “Mam, your dog is peeing!!” I looked down and the golden retriever was peeing on the elevator floor, and it’s urine was splashing all over my shoes. There was nowhere to move, so I stood on my tippy toes to avoid its constant stream of urine.

The woman who owned the dog looked up to the heavens and moaned in a low husky voice, “Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!”, while the dog kept peeing.

When we got to the lobby the woman with the toy terrier hightailed it out of the elevator and out the front door. I ended up holding the elevator for the woman with the retrievers while she argued with the doorman about who should clean up the urine. Thankfully the doorman made the woman take responsibility for her dog and threw a roll of paper towels at her from behind the desk.

I left the building wondering how to get dog urine out of my new Aerosoles.


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