212 Medical Emergency on the Train


This morning on the train during rush-hour, I saw out of the corner of my eye a man pass out, topple over, and hit the ground. Quickly another man bent over and made sure the guy was conscious and after a few minutes he lifted him up and sat him on a seat. A woman next to him offered him food and water. The man seemed with it again, but he was rubbing his head which he had hit pretty hard.

When we got to the next station most of the train filed out, and the woman who had given the man food and water was keeping her eye on him as the doors shut and the train pulled out of the station.

I was really impressed with the crowd of people on the train today. Everyone stayed calm, and people went right into action without thinking twice. If people were incapable of helping they stayed out-of-the-way. The man was quickly taken care of, and then everyone went on their way.

Just a nice little reminder that despite our bad rap,  New York is actually full of wonderful people.



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