210 Lazy Sunday Confessions – Regional Theater Week


“Low Budget Beasts, bad ‘Joseph’ wigs, and 3 more Tumblrs about the indignity of community theater” was the headline in Entertainment Weekly on May 29th of 2014. THIS is the article if you want to read it.

If you are in theater in any capacity I am sure you have seen these Tumblrs posted on Facebook, and now there are articles like the one above in online papers and magazines. I happen to know the person who started the Low-Budget Audrey 2 Tumblr, and I’m stoked to see that he went viral. But these articles assume the Tumblrs are direct from community theater. Here’s the thing:

#1 I know and have worked professionally with more than a handful of people pictured in these Tumblrs.

B. Some of these pics are not from community theater (despite the headline), they are from professional regional theater productions.

C. Some of the people in these pics are Equity actors, in union shows.

#4 I find the situation hilarious, and I check the Tumblrs every once in a while to see if I see myself or one of the professional shows I was in on the feed. I would laugh until I cried.





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