209 Regional Theater Week – Beating the System


When I first moved to NYC I was trying to figure out how to audition and make a living at the same time. It’s something I have always struggled with. In an effort to land a gig, I opened Backstage early in 2005 and there was a list of productions that were happening across the country that year. I went through and highlighted the ones I was right for, and did a mailing.

That March I received a job offer as a replacement in Smoke on the Mountain. No audition required, as after the AD received my résumé he called a theater I had previously worked for and they gave me a great reference.  The money was top-notch and I took the job immediately.

That one mailing got me a gig that led to 16 of the gigs I have worked since 2005. Not too shabby.

Over the years I have found that acting gigs can come from the strangest circumstances. It’s always nice to get a job after an audition and callback process, but it’s even sweeter when the offer comes right out of the blue. When I get a job I haven’t to audition for, it always feels like I am beating the system, and I made a 10 year career out of beating the system.


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