207 Regional Theater Week – My Career is OVER!


I went to a wedding in Pittsburgh in the fall of 2006, right before I was leaving for a 3 month contract.

After dinner the dancing started. The dance floor was in the center of the room slightly raised an inch above the hotel floor. As we danced the night away, the song Cotton-Eyed Joe came on and the wedding crowd went wild.

I was having so much fun that I started doing some mock hillbilly dance, and in my 3 inch heels I unknowing danced towards the edge of the dance floor. As I reached the edge, I fell off the dance floor. As I was falling down my heel got caught and I twisted my ankle as I fell right on my butt in front of all the wedding guests.

I burst into tears as my family helped me limp to our table where I elevated my ankle. My ankle was so swollen that there was no doubt that I would be wearing a cast soon. I started sobbing, “My career is over! My career is over!! My career is OVER!”

The end flashed right before my eyes. I would have to cancel my gig because I couldn’t perform in a cast, and I didn’t have health insurance so I was going to owe millions of dollars in medical costs for my broken ankle. I was beside myself.

My family went back to the dance floor and I sat in the corner near the cookie table and cried for what felt like the rest of the wedding.

A few weeks later I was still limping but went and did the contract. I never went to see a doctor, so I didn’t owe a million dollars to a hospital. I hid my injury in rehearsals. The show went up and we had a great run.

Maybe you could say I was being a little dramatic.



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