206 Regional Theater Week – Religious Beliefs


It was 2006 and I had just ended a run of Nunsense at a theater that was transitioning between artistic directors. They asked our cast to audition for the new artistic director before we left, but I declined as I was taking a trip to LA and thought I might move to the west coast.

A few weeks after the contract was over, I was at the Bohemian Beer Hall and Garden in Astoria and I received a call from the new AD asking if I wanted to join for the summer season. The reason? An actress they hired had signed a contract for the summer season (and was in their current show), backed out of the next show because the themes were against her beliefs as a Christian. Because she backed out, they released her from her contract for the rest of the season.

I ended up taking the gig for the season, and was lucky to have it because I met my husband. But, I learned a valuable lesson. If you are not comfortable portraying specific material on stage for any reason, you need to consider that before you sign the contract and show up at the theater.


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