205 Regional Theater Week – Pranks Gone Wild


I was really good at orchestrating pranks early in my career. I loved the art of crafting a good prank, and lived for the reactions of the persons affected.

On a day off during a theater contract I was at the local bowling alley. I saw postcards advertising Children’s Bibles, and the prankster wheels started turning. I picked up one of the postcards and threw it in my purse. When I got home I read it, and it requested that you fill the postcard out and mail it in to receive more information.

I decided it would be hilarious to have a Children’s Bible Company send Andy a brochure in the mail. He would be so confused as to the origin of the mailing, and I would laugh my ass off. So I filled out the postcard with his information, adding the theater as his address, and put it in the mail.

Two weeks later, our company manager pulled Andy aside and told him a Children’s Bible salesman had just come to the theater and was asking after him. He was there to sell Andy some Bibles. The company manager had sent the Bible salesman home as there was no way Andy wanted to buy Children’s Bibles.

Andy told me about it and I was immediately horrified. My little joke prompted some well-meaning man to put his suit on and travel up to the theater to sell some Bibles. I could only imagine how excited he may have been at the prospect of closing a sale, only to realize he had been a pawn in some actor’s prank.

I just hope the Bible salesman had a sense of humor.



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