204 Regional Theater Week – Tumbling on Like a Tumbleweed


In 2011 I was in Arizona doing Smoke on the Mountain. Because of The Big Lebowski, Andy and I have this weird obsession with tumbleweeds. I saw a lot of tumbleweeds when I was there, but Andy had never seen one. So my dear friend Greg happened upon a tumbleweed one day and brought it home for me to send to Andy. I was so excited, I cried.

I packaged it up in a large box, and shipped it to Andy at the tune of $50. Thrilled, he stuck it in the ground outside of the cast housing he was living in at the time, in Pennsylvania.

Eventually the tumbleweed met its end being destroyed by a heavy rain, but the memory of that jagged little bush still remains.

Our dear friend Julie sent us a framed picture of two tumbleweeds for our wedding, so now we can remember it for the rest of our lives.


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