191 Trololo Man Theatrical Shenanigans

If you haven’t seen the Trololo Man video above, you are missing out on some fantastic weird stuff.

The video went viral as I was rehearsing My Fair Lady a few years ago. Jokingly, I said to the man playing Freddie, “Your should scrap your choreography for On The Street Where You Live, and do the Trololo Man’s choreography!”, as I felt the Trololo choreo would fit in an odd way.

At the last dress rehearsal before we opened, unbeknownst to anyone, he became the Trololo man during On the Street Where You Live, singing and performing the choreo from the Trololo video above. I was on stage behind a set piece (waiting for him to ring the door bell), and I saw the awkward, stiff, brilliant performance. I was laughing so hard I cried.

After the rehearsal, the director’s only note to him was something like, “Thank you for trying, but can you go back to the original choreography?” Very calm and diplomatically he said, “Sure”.

The rest of us just about died from stifling our laughter.






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