186 Candy Land Cops


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure (and I mean this honestly) of taking a tween to Coney Island.

We went into a candy store that sells candy by weight, and we were standing on line with two bags full of candy. I looked over and my guest was eating the candy before we paid for it. I said, “Hey! Don’t eat the candy, we haven’t paid for it yet!” I then noticed that there were two cops standing behind us, so I added in a hushed tone, “And the cops are behind us!”

The tween said, “The cops are eating their candy before they pay for it, so they can’t arrest me.”

I turned around, and the cops were stuffing their faces with candy that they hadn’t paid for yet.

I just laughed as I couldn’t argue with the facts, and I paid for our candy that hadn’t been eaten.




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