185 James Taylor Stole My Credit Card


Ok, James Taylor didn’t steal my credit card, but ten years ago today, someone stole my wallet at a James Taylor Concert.

I was at Jones Beach with a friend and after the concert he dropped me off at the train station. I went to grab my wallet out of my purse and it was gone, and so was my SS card, my state ID, my school ID (for cheap theater tickets), and my credit cards.

My friend paid for me to get home, but the pressing issue was that  I had to get on an Amtrak train the next day heading to Pittsburgh, without any ID. So I had to call the cops.

I waited until 3am for the cops to arrive. They took my information, and gave me an official note stating that my wallet and ID was stolen, so I could get on the train.

The next day, they let me on the train no problem, and I was on my way to Pittsburgh.

Within a few weeks everything got replaced, except for my Wright State ID. Up until that point, I had seen countless Broadway shows for next to nothing using that ID, and suddenly it was all over.

Getting my college ID stolen is one of my biggest regrets since moving to NYC, however I am happy to announce now that I am a student at Long Island University that I have a new student ID and the discounts are rolling in.


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