181 NYC is Seinfeld


This weekend marked the 25th anniversary of Seinfeld, and I have decided that between SeinfeldFriends, Sex in the City, and GirlsSeinfeld is the one show that is the truest depiction of my time in NYC. My daily life is way more diverse in its cast of characters and I don’t live on the UWS, but the show’s core of observational humor is the crux of my daily life.

Andy often says that NYC is full of 8 million George Costanzas, and I would agree. I combat other’s selfishness and neurosis on a daily basis. This may seem like a negative thing, and it is, but I find great humor in the way everyone’s forced to deal with one another as each of us is trying to carve our own way through the city.

Some critical of Seinfeld say episode after episode was just the characters trying to prove that their selfishness in every situation is justifiable, and I think that is part of living in NYC. It’s the pervasive attitude. I see it in New Yorker’s of every race, creed, and financial background. I see it in myself. If you don’t look out for #1, no one else will.

Does it make it right? No. But it is what it is, and I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon. So I have to laugh, because if I couldn’t laugh at the craziness of this city I would just cry.

Thanks Larry David for teaching me this lesson 15 years before I even moved here.

p.s. Today is my halfway mark for the blog. Thanks to all who have stopped by over the past 6 months. Here’s to 6 months more!




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