180 Hip Hop ‘Cats’


Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is updating Cats, and Rum Tum Tugger is a rapper. I truly have no opinion on this as I have never seen the show, however many fans on Facebook are quite upset.

I don’t find the update of the show offensive, but what I find crazy is the following statement:

“I’ve come to the conclusion that … maybe Eliot was the inventor of rap,” – Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber

Is this April Fools? He has lost his damn mind. I guess he did say MAYBE, but is Andrew Lloyd Webber really trying to link the birth of rap to a white dude born in 1888? I find this terribly offensive.

Here are some of the negative comments under Playbill, New York Magazine, and Broadway.com’s posts about the changes on Facebook:


“I hope RTT’s rapping doesn’t mess up the character we’ve loved for years!” 


A continuation of the Ghettoization of America……..”  


“The Rum Tum Tugger as a hip hop dancing street cat?!!! This has to be a joke, what was he thinking?!! His 80’s glam-rock sex god persona was one of the best things about the show… They’ve officially ruined Cats for me!!”


“A hip hop…a hip hop cat. Did that need to happen? Oh my god. No. Stooop. ALW what happened. RIP Cats.” 


“Pillage and murder!!” 


“Noooo rapping or hip hop!!”

Wow… Tell us how you really feel…


One thought on “180 Hip Hop ‘Cats’

  1. Hip hop is the most compelling music genre in existence at the moment IMO. My guess is though this will go towards something completely stereotypical and mainstream rather than representative of the mind blowing depth out there. Especially so given his thoughts on the origin of rap which is just ridiculous. He needs to read some books on the subject. Hopefully he is joking.

    Nobody should be pissed it’s hip hop. They should be pissed if it’s bad hip hop which will sadly result in a missed opportunity.

    I wish more people knew what the genre has to offer.

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