175 Lazy Sunday Confessions – Our Cat The Micromanager


Andy and I have had Walter Sobchak in our home for 6 months now, and we have gone back and forth about his personality. Is he a CEO or an Executive Assistant? Is he a secret admirer or a party animal? Walter is none of the above. Walter is a micromanager.

Walter follows us everywhere. He even goes into the bathroom with us. It’s not enough for him that we let him in there while we do our business, he must put his paws on the toilet and watch our said business being flushed down. He doesn’t trust us to do our job correctly.

Now when we eat, he has to try to put his paw on our food while we eat as if to say, “I didn’t tell you to eat, but carry on.” He has to give his opinion on everything.

When I emerge from the bedroom in the morning, he runs towards me from wherever he is and starts meowing orders at me. I have had a few bosses that would behave similarly. I would arrive at my desk in the morning, and they would want multiple things before I could  turn my computer on.

Walter Sobchak is a micromanager, but we love him.



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